Reinventing waterways…

Waterborne Urban Mobility

Hello! We are Verne

We’re on a MISSION
to deliver a sustainable
maritime future 

If we could harness the power of water transportation to move goods and people as easily as we move them on land, our rivers and bays would be another highway!

As VERNE, we are pressing ahead with our roadmap to build a carbon-neutral autonomous boat. Our mission is to lead the decarbonization of the waterborne industry through the design and development of transformative technologies and zero-emission vessels.


The world’s biggest cities and urban areas face some of the worst air quality, affecting billions of people. However, our ecosystem is impacted by more than just land transportation.

Petrol and diesel-powered boats also have a significant impact on the environment due to their emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (NOx), and unburnt hydrocarbons. These emissions are driving irreversible climate change and the increased acidification of our waterways.


18% emission of CO2 globally –
diesel-powered vessels


3 yrs lost in traffic during our life*


Road transportation cost increase
by 13% in 2022


18 deaths/year/100.000 in urban zones

* PwC Study/ Report 2022 Smart Cities: Mobilityecosystems for a more sustainable future

High time

for a real change

High pollution rates and rising fuel prices of hydrocarbon-powered boats have shifted the priority of boat manufacturers to battery technology.
The global demand for electric boats is being driven by improvements in battery technology that provide longer run-time and higher speed.

And that’s why we are here

VERNE is on a mission to redefine water urban mobility and the green movement in the water tram and taxi market, with a focus on sustainable mobility.

This outlook has consistently driven VERNE’s R&D efforts.

100% Autonomous & Smart

Electric Shuttle Boat Networks for Urban Transportation

The zero emission

The zero-emission urban shuttle designed for fleet autonomy can carry passengers or light cargo (last-mile delivery).

Created with a mission to

improve people’s lives

by eliminating pollution and congestion in cities

We can make the world a better place,
one step at a time

At VERNE, we see a future that is not dependent on combustible fuel. 
A future that doesn’t come at great expense and harm or pollute. We have all the resources available and the tools to create change. 
In addition to matching consumer preferences towards carbon neutrality, VERNE’s forward-looking innovations “will help to minimise the environmental impact of our boats wherever they may cruise in the world.

VERNE’s zero-emission, cost-efficient shuttles provide attractive cross-river shortcuts for 90% of the world’s cities located on rivers.

Time to rediscover the waterways

  • Enables waterfront redevelopment
  • Reduces traffic on land by utilizing waterways
  • Popular among commuters and tourists
  • Empowering economic development

“With VERNE, business partners have a new opportunity to put in place an innovative mobility water transport platform that can kickstart the new business opportunity in alternative fuels for shipping. I hope this proposal will act as a bridge between the climate ambitions of both developed and developing cities, so that no part of the global waterborne cities mobility industry will be left behind.”


says coFounder Sławomir J. Chodor