Electric      |      Autonomous      |      Intelligent      |      Safest

Electric   |   Autonomous
Intelligent   |   Safest

The Verne Waterborne Mobility Solution

The Verne Waterborne Mobility Solution

Verne’s autonomous and connected Shuttle arises as a new solution for
NEXT-GENERATION smart water mobility portfolios, giving an answer to
demographic, social and urban / rural transport CHALLENGES.


  • Autonomous AI
  • On-demand transportation
  • Secure mobility
  • All-weather proof
  • Passenger experience

We are Experts in
green maritime
digitalisation and

We are Experts in green maritime innovation, digitalisation and autonomy

Building on our performance background and utilise our specialist expertise, we provide services to commercial clients, as well as develop unique products:

  • Electric, autonomous shuttles for urban use
  • Designed to seriously reduce costs and enable scalability
  • World-class Polish design and engineering 
  • All-electric drivetrain combined with extremely efficient thermal system
  • Autonomous vessel control and fleet management technology – safely accelerating the transition to full AUTONOMY
  • Market entry not dependent on regulatory change 
  • Autonomous charging and built-in solar for 24/7 unmanned operation 
  • Modular go-to-market approach enabling matching local context and opportunities  Conditions-aware navigation saving time and energy 
  • Swarm intelligence enabling smart fleet management
  • Energy-saving system will cut operational costs compared to current diesel vessel


Speed:5 – 25 knots
Capacity:10 pax +
Operating area:Class 1 / Protected waters
Material:Aluminium / GPR: Recycled
Total weight:2,2 t
Draft:0,6 m
Power output:50 kW
Energy consumption:10 – 12 kWh (at 6 knots)
Range:50 NM
Integrated solar:5 kW (peak)
Charging:Integrated connection
Charging time:From 30 to 180 mins
Thermal system:Air conditioning / heat pump
Navigation:Autonomy Ready
Crew:1 (Helmsman / Safety officer)
Accident call:Yes

Windscreen wiper

LIDAR radars

Solar panels

Pantograph charging system

Air conditioning

Boat cleats

Rubber buffers

Electric propeller

Navigation lights

Battery system

Charging socket


Safe Entrance / Exit

Helmsman cockpit *

* ready to autonomy


Minimalistic    |    Iconic    |    Futuristic

VERNE Design allows the passengers to focus on the travel Experience & Enjoy the journey!


Key features

Be the Safest     |     UX Design     |     Zero-Emission Shuttle


  • Helmsman and 10+ passengers
  • Place for disabled
  • Stand for 2+ bicycles
  • Two side entry

Little cargo

  • Helmsman + 1 passenger
  • Total capacity: 1000 kg
  • Cubature: 30 m3
  • Rear cargo gate

Better for business



Collision Avoidance

MASS 3.0

Remotely controlled shuttle without helmsman on board
Controlled and operated from another location

Verne Autonomous Docking & Navigation System:

eDocNav Automated Solution

VERNE’s unique approach accelerates the transition to fully autonomous! 

Our autonomous navigation & docking VERNE systems follow the same cognitive principles as a human helmsman

Conventional and Autonomy

Potential opportunities in logistics – scenarios